Braided Estonian Kringel

After having been fortunate enough to do some traveling in Europe, I’m absolutely fascinated by European desserts. While I love all things bright and colorful, often there’s just something gorgeous about a more organic, handmade pastry. I came across the idea of a “kringel” while browsing for unique dessert inspiration. This is an admittedly Americanized version that features a braided dough filled with cinnamon, sugar and ground walnuts.


Chocolate-Dipped Oreo Lollipops

How could you not love Oreos dipped in chocolate? I’ve made these Chocolate-Dipped Oreo Pops for a number of occasions and let me tell you, they are crowd pleasers!! Young and old alike will bypass all the fancier desserts and make a beeline for these brightly colored babies. These are a great option for even the…

Cinnamon Spice Baked Donuts with a Classic Sugar Glaze

Happy Valentine’s Day! I don’t know about you, but Valentine’s Day always seems to pop up so quickly after the holidays. Me and my honey typically don’t exchange big presents, though I always like to make some sweet treats to make the day a little special.