#TBT: Mirror Glaze Cake

Hey y’all!! It’s been forever since I posted. I’ve been busy baking a little bun in my oven 🙂 Crazy enough, today is my due date and baby girl has decided to stay in her comfy home for a bit longer, so I’m taking advantage of the time to catch up on my favorite baking pursuits.

I haven’t done too much baking while pregnant (much more eating than baking!), but a few months ago for Father’s Day, I decided to try out a mirror glaze for the very first time. These drool-worthy, vibrantly colored glazes have taken over Instagram as the latest craze and I couldn’t resist giving it a try. I went looking for an easy beginner’s recipe and came across Chelsweets’ aptly named “Easy Microwave Mirror Glaze.”

I started by baking, filling, and crumb coating a two-layer chocolate cake. Since I only did a crumb coat, this cake retained a bit of the “naked cake” look even through the glaze. For a cleaner finish, you definitely need to do a second coat of buttercream on your cake. Now, this is key — YOU MUST FREEZE YOUR ICED CAKE. If you don’t, the glaze won’t be pretty or even at all.

Armed with my frozen cake, I prepared a blue and purple glaze, and then I went to town! Check out the video on my Instagram. One of the most fun parts of a mirror glaze is that it’s not meant to be perfect. You can keep changing the look of the colors and swirls by layering on more glaze.

IMG_0208Once I was happy with the glaze itself, I added a few buttercream flowers that I had handy, and threw on some gold glitter for good measure! Voila, a beautiful cake for Dad!

Now, for the most important part — how did it taste? My family was pleasantly surprised by the taste. In fact, we found that the texture of the glaze was even better the second day. I’ll definitely be adding this glaze to my baking arsenal!



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