Ultimate Oreo Explosion Cake

Since my dear husband’s birthday was on Election Day this year, we decided to celebrate this weekend instead. My husband loves Oreos over almost any other sweet, so I decided to dream up the ultimate Oreo cake. This decadent cake features two layers of rich chocolate fudge cake, filled with large chunks of Oreos, and frosted with a cookies and cream buttercream. Sprinkles and (yes, even more) Oreos provide the festive decorations.



  • 1 box chocolate cake mix
  • 2 packages of Oreos (I prefer DoubleStuf!)
  • 2 lbs. confectioner’s sugar
  • 2 sticks unsalted butter, softened
  • 4 T. milk
  • 2 t. vanilla extract
  • 8 oz. semi-sweet chocolate
  • 1 T. vegetable oil


  1. Prepare cake mix according to instructions and distribute evenly into two 8 or 9-inch cake pans. Bake; and then cool to room temperature.
  2. Make your filling.
    • Place 1 stack of Oreos (approximately 12) into a plastic bag and use a rolling pin to break them up into a coarse texture.
    • In the bowl of a stand mixer, combine 1 lb. confectioner’s sugar, 1 stick unsalted butter, 2 T. milk, and 1 t. vanilla until smooth.
    • Placing 1 cake layer on a platter or turntable, use an offset spatula to apply a thick layer of frosting to the top of the cake.
    • Press a generous amount of the coarse Oreo pieces into the frosting and place the second cake layer on top.
  3. Make your frosting.
    • Use a food processor or blender to grind 1 stack of Oreos to a fine texture.
    • Combine 1 lb. confectioner’s sugar, 1 stick unsalted butter, 2 T. milk, and 1 t. vanilla until smooth. Add food coloring now, if desired.
    • Gradually add the finely ground Oreos to the mixing bowl, and blend until evenly distributed. You may add as few or as many as you desire!
    • Cover the cake with the Oreo frosting, using an offset spatula to smooth as you go. Place the cake in the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes for the frosting to set.
  4. Make your chocolate drip.
    • Microwave the semi-sweet chocolate, 30 seconds at a time, until fully melted. Add a teaspoon or so of vegetable oil, stir again. The consistency should become more fluid. Continue to add a few drops at a time until you’ve reached your desired consistency. You do want it to be pourable.
    • Pour the melted chocolate into a pastry bag fitted with a small round decorating tip. Working your way around the cake, use the decorating tip to create chocolate drips of varying lengths. Then, use the excess chocolate to cover the top of the cake. Add sprinkles if you like. Place the cake back in the refrigerator for the chocolate to set.
  5. Decorate!
    • Take your excess buttercream frosting, place it into a pastry bag with an open star tip. Add decorative accents to the top of the cake, in whatever design you prefer. Then take Oreos and press them vertically into the frosting decorations you’ve just added.
  6. Place the cake back in the refrigerator to set until you’re ready to serve. Enjoy!



One Comment Add yours

  1. mistimaan says:

    Very yummy and drooling recipe………….well done 🙂


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