Happy 241st Birthday to the U.S. Marine Corps!

I was so honored to make the cake for my father’s Marine Corps Detachment’s birthday ball this year. I decided to use a pre-printed edible logo for the top and to freehand the rest. A combo of American buttercream on the outside and silky cream cheese frosting for the filling made for a sweet, delicious treat. I was VERY relieved that the top two tiers of the cake made approximately 90 (reasonable) servings. My two biggest fears in cake making are 1) transporting the cake, and 2) not having enough to feed everyone!

One of my favorite parts of any USMC birthday ball is the cake-cutting ceremony, in which the oldest Marine present cuts a slice and then shares it with the youngest Marine present. This symbolic passing of tradition from generation to generation always resonates with me. This year, I was thrilled to see that both the oldest and youngest Marines present are females. Though about 50 years apart in age, they both seemed to revel in the cake cutting ceremony.

Now, to brainstorm a new cake design for next year!


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