Birthday Diaries, Part 1: “Metal Fist” Sugar Cookies

So I have a cute, sassy blonde friend who happens to LOVE heavy metal music…so much so that she loves to show off her bright blue mani with her signature “metal fist.” When browsing through cookie cutters at my favorite shop, (doesn’t everyone spend their Saturday night doing that??) I found the PERFECT shape and knew that I just had to make metal fist cookies for this young lady’s next birthday. Oh yeah, did I mention she’s turning 3 years old?! Definitely cool ahead of her time.

Just like my Tea Party Cookies, these were made using Dorie Greenspan’s All-Occasion Sugar Cookie recipe and Alton Brown’s Royal Icing. Considering that the birthday girl popped one into her mouth within seconds of opening the box and then continued to nibble at 1 or 2 more as the day went on, I’d say they were a hit. Rock on, sister!

Rockstar Cookies


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