Sesame Street Cupcakes: Elmo and Cookie Monster

Being a lover of all things kiddo and cupcake, I recently offered to make the cupcakes for a good friend’s son’s birthday party. This adorable 2-year old loves everything Elmo, so of course we went with a Sesame Street theme! Elmo and Cookie Monster seemed like a no-brainer.

Let’s be honest, clearly I can identify with Cookie Monster—who hasn’t had an urge to shove chocolate chip cookies in their mouth??? This sweet guy is just misunderstood 🙂

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

So how did I make these fun little guys and gals?

  1. I baked up 2 batches of cupcakes and cooled them to room temperature.
  2. Next, I whipped up a batch of buttercream, using my family recipe (below):
    • 1 lb. confectioner’s sugar
    • 1 stick margarine, softened
    • 2 T. milk
    • 1 t. vanilla
  3. [FOR THE ELMOS]  As any baker will know. getting a really red red is always a challenge! For these cupcakes, I tried a new technique and it’s the best result I’ve ever achieved. Once the buttercream was mixed up, I added a heaping helping of Wilton No-Flavor Red gel food coloring. This made a deep pink of sorts, so I then added some Wilton Christmas Red gel good coloring. The combination of these two colorings achieved the look I was going for! Keep in mind that the gel of the food coloring will thin out the consistency of the buttercream, so you may have to add more sugar accordingly.
  4. Using a large closed-star decorating tip, I covered the cupcakes with red buttercream. Keeping in mind that this buttercream sets fairly quickly, I worked with three cupcakes at a time. Once covered in frosting, I added Wilton candy eyes (purchased on Amazon, here andhere); then, I added an orange jellybean nose; and finally, I finished up with half an Oreo for the smile.
  5. [FOR THE COOKIE MONSTERS]  Whip up the same buttercream recipe, only use WIlton’s Royal Blue gel food coloring instead. Use the large closed-star decorating tip to cover the cupcakes. For these, I used mini marshmallows for the eyes since cookie monster is known for those crazy kooky eyes! I used Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies broken in half for the mouth. For the finishing touch, I dyed the remaining buttercream black, and filled a decorating bag fitted with a round tip. I used it to create kooky eyes, looking every which way.
  6. Voila! You now have Sesame Street cupcakes!!

Elmo Cupcakes


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