Adventures in Birthday Cake, Part 1

I always say that baking is a labor of love and trust me, especially working in my apartment’s teeny tiny little kitchen, it absolutely is! There are only a few people for whom I’ll whip myself up into a baking frenzy! My bestie (and future maid of honor) is definitely one of them. For her birthday every year, I try to outdo myself.

One item on my pastry bucket list is sugar flowers….my mother and I took a course at Sugar Flower Cake Shop in NYC last year and it whetted my appetite for this challenging art form! This was the perfect opportunity to try it out on my own. I decided to start with a rose–the perfect cake topper. Below, you can see the evolution of the flowers.

You start with a round ball, then add layers of petals. Of course, these have to dry for a day in between each step. At fancy cake shops, they have cute little drying racks. At my casa, I repurposed the dish rack 🙂

This is the finished rose after all the petals were added and it dried for a day.


The last step is the fun part! Using a combination of petal dust and luster dust, I painted the rose with some subtle color and highlight. For this cake, I didn’t want a highly saturated flower. I just wanted it to look kissed with some color.

The overall result was beautiful! An intricately decorated cake with an elegant sugar flower topper! Definitely a good learning experience, but I think I did alright for the first try. Here’s hoping I can continue to build these skills for future cakes!


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